1 - Prerequisite Modules

2. Historical Module

The Influence of Community Violence and Culture

This introductory module is a pre-requisite course. To pass this course you will need a score of 80% or higher on the final quiz. This module focuses on specific traumas prevalent in marginalized communities in the United States and provides a framework for how trauma is passed down generationally.

The content of this module is presented by the following subject matter experts: Taquelia Washington, LCSW, Author and Journalist Andrew Lam, Julie Andrews, LCSW, Monique Castro, LMFT, and Dr Sayida Peprah, PsyD.

Learning Objectives:

• Participants will be able to provide a definition of trauma that includes systemic oppression, historical, and collective trauma, and toxic stress.

• Participants will gain knowledge of what trauma and adversity can look like within specific populations.

• Participants will be able to explain the impact of culture on disclosure of abuse and trauma

• Participants will identify strategies for increasing cultural awareness to better serve victims of trauma.

• Participants will be able to apply concepts from the course to develop a positive, helping environment in the workplace and to communicate more effectively with clients.
  • Pre-Quiz
  • Part One, approx. 30 mins
  • Part Two, approx. 25 mins
  • Part Three, approx. 25 mins
  • Brief Training Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Pre-Quiz, Part One, approx. 30 mins, Part Two, approx. 25 mins, Part Three, approx. 25 mins"